Collection at law, inc


A settlement, when it comes to legal terms, is an official agreement intended to resolve your dispute. In this case, the dispute or issue at hand is the debt owed to you. Normally settlements happen before the case goes to a Judge and Jury.

Enforcement of Settlements: This is when we ask the courts to make it legit, so to speak. In essence the court will confirm the settlement and help enforce it. This ensures the debtor who owes you money, complies with the settlement. A motion to enforce settlement agreement is one of the most important variables in settlements. Sometimes, what happens is that the settlement is agreed on and everything looks good, but then right before the debtor tries to add on another term to the settlement so they will agree to pay “or else.” In order for anything absurd not to come up, Collection at Law ensure that the settlements are enforced by the Court of Law.

Whereas many firms are ineffective because they get caught up in costly and protracted litigation, we never lose sight of our main goal, which is to collect your money! Collection at Law is very “bottom line” oriented. Whereas most law firms are concerned with obtaining judgment for their clients, we go after the money. We don’t stop until we collect the debt.