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Receivables Collection

If you are owed money and are having a hard time collecting, then please contact Collection At Law, Inc immediately.

Fair Judgement

Collection at Law goes to court in a manner that is both agressive and persistent. Fighting for a fair judgement takes a lot of experience and patience. Let us help. 

Strong Legal Team

Our team has more than 40 years of comined experience. We know what it takes to get the verdict, and more importantly payment back, our clients deserve.

Strong Attorney Involvement

Case resolution is priority 

Collection at Law believed in ensuring that your case is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether your debtor is in state or has left, we always do our due-diligience in following up to make sure you receive the assets that are owed to you. For more information on how we can help you through your difficult time, please contact us at 818-716-7630

Since 2001

A Professional Law Corporation

Collection At Law, Inc. is a law firm committed to the quick resolution of your business dispute and the collection of your receivables. Unlike most collection agencies that waste time with phone calls and letters, Collection At Law, Inc. immediately initiates litigation against the debtor. Furthermore, Collection At Law, Inc engages in all Post-Judgment Enforcement, and therefore, can help you turn your worthless judgment into cash.


Post Judgement Enforcement

Post Judgment enforcement is the process after you obtain a judgment in a court of law. You may obtain a judgment in Small Claims Court, any Superior Court in California, or Court of another state. Unlike most law firms which stop after obtaining a judgment, Collection At Law, Inc. engages in all post judgment proceedings.


We have co-counsel throughout the country that can help bring justice to your case.

Letters of Demand

Even if your debtor moves out of state, our office has co-counsel throughout the country.


We help ensure that the settlement we help get you is fair and in line with your expectations. 


Purely Contingent

All fees are purely contingent upon collection plus court costs. A volume discount is also available to clients who qualify and, other fee arrangements can be made depending on the size and nature of your debt.

100% professional

business to business dispute

Collection at Law provides you the right to have the best of both worlds. 

Post judgement enforcement


Our firm is very responsive and here to support you 24/7.

Call today for more information, and let Collection At Law, Inc. bring you the best of both worlds and begin turning your receivables into cash.

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We are not a collection agency. We are collection attorneys who provide collection and litigation services. Any and all information on this website it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with a lawyer.