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Domestications and Sister State Judgements: As this is usually called in California, Judgement Domestication should always be enforced under the laws of where the debtor is residing. For example, if the person who owes you money is currently in Arizona, then Collection at Law would need to use a skip-trace and with the afficliate attorneys we have in that particular state, we would proceed with legal action and obtain liens on property that the debtor has in that respective state.

Confession of Judgements: In order to avoid very lengthy court proceedings, Collection at Law would help its clients with what is called a Confession of Judgement. This expedites the process by getting the person who owes you money to accept liability and the amount of damages they owe you.

Bankruptcy Judgements: Depending on the situation, we will file an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court. Especially if fraud is involved, there are variables that can surpass the ordinarily dis-chargeable debt.

Federal Judgements: Collection at Law can help with the process of Federal Judgements with your debt case. Please contact us to learn more.

Post Judgement Executions: We also ensure follow up and follow through of all cases, even if a judgement has been made – since a lot of the time many debtors do not pay back what is owed.


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We are not a collection agency. We are collection attorneys who provide collection and litigation services. Any and all information on this website it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with a lawyer.