Post Judgement

Post Judgment enforcement is the process after you obtain a judgment in a court of law. You may obtain a judgment in Small Claims Court, any Superior Court in California, or Court of another state.

Federal Judgements

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Bankruptcy Judgements

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Post Judgement Procedures

Unlike most law firms which stop after obtaining a judgment, Collection At Law, Inc. engages in all post judgment proceedings. The following is a list of post judgment procedures currently available:

Bank Levy

Sending the sheriff to the debtor’s bank and attaching or seizing the funds in their account.

Recording an abstract of judgement

If the debtor is an individual, then a lien can be obtained and recorded in the county where the debtor owns real property. When and if the debtor refinances or sells this property, your judgment will be paid.

Judgment Debtor Examination

A subpoena is issued with the court and served on the debtor compelling him to come to court and turn over his asset information. Failure to do so may subject him to an arrest.

Wage Garnishment

For debtors who are the employees of other companies, a wage garnishment can be served on the employer requiring them to turn over a certain percentage of the debtor’s wages

Recording the Judgment with the Secretary of State

If the judgment debtor is a California Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership, your judgment can be filed with the Secretary of State and therefore registered with the State of California. As in recording an abstract, if the business entity is sold, your lien will be noticed and maybe paid from the sale proceeds.

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